why is stairway to heaven banned in guitar stores

Stairway to Heaven is one of the classic songs by the band Led Zeppelin. This song is a classic and in the end, there is a long guitar riff. This song is banned from guitar stores. The song is not vulgar or offensive so many are wondering why Stairway to Heaven is banned.

Some people joked around and said the song was banned because it was being overplayed and people go tired of everyone trying to play this. The song has one of the most iconic guitar riffs and everyone wants to learn how to play it but not everyone can be good at it. While this leads to people including those new to the guitar overplaying it there are some other reasons why this song is banned.

Other people are saying that Stairway to Heaven is banned because this riff is easy to learn. It has become known as the Forbidden Riff. While this riff is classic it is not too complicated. This is one of the places where many students begin and in guitar stores, the pros do not want to hear the new students boast about their skills.

There is a more serious issue as to why Stairway to Heaven is banned from guitar stores. In modern times many people are looking for a reason to sue and to start trouble. There are some issues with this song and the copyright laws. There have been some lawsuits from copyright infringement. Members of the band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant were sued by Mr. Wolfe for copyright infringement. Mr. Wolfe claimed that the two stole the riff from a song he previously wrote and were claiming it as their work. He did not receive credit or compensation. It did take 40 years for the lawsuit to come about but one of the most famous riffs could have been plagiarized. Now in the guitar stores, people are cautious about playing this song because it may not have been developed by this iconic band. The store is now worried about copyrights and so some guitar stores are banning this song.

This song is being banned in many guitar stores but it is not illegal to play. The staff may not like it and they may say something but no laws are being broken. When in the guitar store a person should use some self-respect and show some respect to the staff. They can ask questions about the guitar and may want to wait until they go home to play this song. This way they will not get any dirty looks or glares from the staff of the store and other customers.

Stairway to Heaven is a great song and is classic but it not difficult to learn how to play. The guitar stores and their staff are tired of hearing this song over and over by everyone that comes into the store. There are also some issues with copyrights. This is why Stairway to Heaven is being banned from guitar stores.

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