Best Amp Settings for Reggae Guitar Tone

Reggae guitar tone is subjective and can be achieved using almost any guitar amp, but below I have laid out some guidelines to help you find your reggae guitar tone.

Reggae Guitar amp settings

Clean Tone & Rhythm Guitar

The clean tone is best used for reggae rhythm guitar and can be heard in classic Bob Marley songs including “Stir it Up” and “Is this love” .  Using the clean channel of your amp, try adjusting to the setting’s below.

  •  Volume 6

  • Treble 5

  • Middle 5

  • Bass 5

  • Reverb 3

  • Presence 5

  Overdrive Tone & Lead Guitar

For a lead guitar tone switch to the drive channel of your guitar amp. This is best if you have two guitar players in your band, then one can use a clean tone and the other guitarist has an overdrive tone. If you are the only guitar player in the band, then I would suggest using the clean channel for rhythm parts and using a pedal for lead guitar solos. Below are the amp settings for a overdrive tone.

  • Pre 7

  •  Post 7

  • Treble 5

  • Middle 5

  • Bass 5

  • Reverb 3

  • Presence 5