“Welcome to Jamrock” Damian Marley – Guitar Chords & Reggae Song Lyrics

Guitar Chords

welcome to jamrock - Marley Chords - Reggae song - g minor     welcome to jamrock - Marley Chords - Reggae song

 Guitar Technique

The guitar part for this song uses a delay pedal set for reggae dub style settings. Just experiment with your delay pedal to get a similar effect. Boss dd3 digital delay is nice, in general the more vintage the pedal, the better the tone. Play along to the song, its a nice one to jam on.

 Reggae Song Lyrics

Welcome to Jamrock, camp whe’ da’ thugs them camp at
Two pounds a weed inna van back
It inna your hand bag, your knapsack, it inna your back pack
The smell a give yah girlfriend contact
Some boy nuh know dis, them only come around like tourist
On the beach with a few club sodas
Bedtime stories, and pose like them name Chuck Norris
And don’t know the real hardcore
Cause Sandals a no ‘back-to’, da thugs Dem wi do whe’ them got to
And won’t think twice to shot you
Don’t make them spot you, unless you carry guns a lot too
A bare tough thing come at you

When Trenchtown man stop laugh and block-off traffic
Then them wheel and pop off and them start clap it
With the pin file dung and it a beat rapid
Police come inna jeep and them cant stop it
Some say them a playboy, a playboy rabbit
Funnyman a get dropped like a bad habit
So nobody pose tough if you don’t have it
Rastafari stands alone!

Welcome to Jamrock, Welcome to Jamrock
Out in the streets, they call it murder!

[Verse 2]
Welcome to Jamdown, poor people a dead at random
Political violence, can’t done! Pure ghost and phantom, the youth
Dem get blind by stardom
Now the Kings Of Kings a call
Old man to Pickney, so wave unno hand if you with me
To see the sufferation sicken me
Them suit no fit me, to win election them trick we
Den them don’t do nuttin at all

Come on let’s face it, a ghetto education’s basic
A most a the youths them waste it
And when them waste it, that’s when them take da guns and replace it
Then them don’t stand a chance at all
And that’s why a nuff little youth have up some fat matic
With the extra magazine inna them back pocket
And a bleach a night time inna some black jacket
All who not lock glocks, them a lock rocket
Then will full you up a current like a short circuit
Dem a run a roadblock which part the cops block it
And from now till a morning not stop clock it
If them run outta rounds a bruck back ratchet

Welcome to Jamrock (Southside, Northside)
Welcome to Jamrock (East Coast, West Coast, huh, yo)
Welcome to Jamrock (Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey) Hey!
Welcome to Jamrock
Out in the streets, they call it murder!!!

Jamaica Jamaica! Jamaica Jamaica! Now!
Jamaica Jamaica! Yo! Jamaica Jamaica!
Welcome to Jamrock, Welcome to Jamrock

“Could you be loved” Bob Marley – Guitar Lesson

Guitar Riff

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reggae guitar lessons songbook




Guitar Techniques

This Bob Marley song is one of the best reggae songs off his classic album “Legends”.  The key to playing this song is using a sharp right hand attack for the rhythm part. The main guitar riff uses a palm muting technique, which is resting the right hand palm over the bridge of the guitar to dampen the sound of the strings. Listen to the rhythmic accents when you play along to this song.

Music Video

How to play “Redemption Song” Bob Marley – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Video Lesson

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reggae guitar lessons songbook

Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords   Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords-Em   Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords - C  Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords-G/B  Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords- Am       Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords

Guitar Techniques

To get that warm, organic acoustic guitar tone I am using my thumb to pick out the intro riff and strum the chords. I’m also picking closer to the bridge of the guitar for the strumming. These are the guitar technique’s Bob Marley used, as you can see in the video clip below.

I also am keeping my right hand in constant motion to keep the rhythm flowing. This is important to feel the pulse of the music and so your playing doesn’t sound stiff.

4 Classic Guitars for playing Reggae

An authentic reggae guitar tone is achieved by using the correct right hand guitar technique and least 95% of your tone is coming directly from your fingers. Although, if you want to sound like a guitar legend, these are the four guitars most commonly used for playing reggae music.


  •  The stratocaster is a great guitar for playing reggae because it’s lightweight, the neck is a comfortable shape for lead and rhythm playing, and you can get a variety of  tones with the pickups in the neck and mid-neck positions. Some famous reggae guitarist’s who played a stratocaster include Eric Clapton, and the lead guitarist for Bob Marley, Al Anderson.


  •  The Fender Telecaster is more lightweight than the Stratocaster which lends itself to having a thinner sound and is good for doubling the bass line in reggae using the palm muting guitar technique .In addition, the Telecaster is great for playing the reggae rhythm guitar because of the bright tone in the neck pickup position.Two famous guitar legends who used a telecaster are Jimmy Page and Keith Richards.

Les Paul

  • The Gibson Les Paul is best known for its humbucker P90 pickups which gives it a fat sound and crunchy blues lead guitar tone. The neck has a wider shape, and it is a heavier guitar to shoulder than the Strat or the Telecaster. Bob Marley played a Les Paul while he was in the Wailers and Eric Rachmany plays one now with the reggae band Rebelution.


  • The PRS guitar is a like combination of a Strat and a Les Paul. It has a thin neck like the Strat, which makes it easier to play but it also has humbucker pick ups like a Les Paul for a crunchy lead guitar tone. PRS guitars are very versatile and can be used for playing Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, and most styles of music. A guitar legend who plays a PRS is Carlos Santana.

“Stir it Up” Bob Marley Chords & Wah Wah Pedal

Video Lesson

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reggae guitar lessons songbook

Guitar Technique

The Wah effect pedal can be used for the rhythm guitar part Bob Marley is playing by pressing all the way down on your wah pedal. Using the clean channel of your guitar amp this should give your guitar more top end (treble).

The wah pedal can also be used during the lead guitar part that Peter Tosh is playing. You want to slowly press down on the pedal as you play the chord on the downbeat.

With guitar effect pedals less is always more, so try to be economic with your use of the Wah pedal when playing