“400 years” Bob Marley

400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o)

And it’s the same – The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy

I’ve said it’s four hundred years;

(400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o)

Look, how long(wo-o-o-o)

And the people they (wo-o-o-o) still can’t see.

Why do they fight against the poor youth of today?

And without these youths, they would be gone

All gone astray


Come on, let’s make a move

(make a move, make a move. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o)

I can (wo-o-o-o) see time (wo-o-o-o) – time has come,

And if-a fools don’t see

(fools don’t see, fools don’t see. Wo-o-o-o)

I can’t save the youth

The youth (wo-o-o-o) is gonna be strong.

So, won’t you come with me

I’ll take you to a land of liberty

Where we can live – live a good, good life

And be free.


Look how long 400 years, (400 years, 400 years)

Way too long! (wo-o-o-o)

That’s the reason my people (wo-o-o-o) – my people can’t see.

Said, it’s four hundred long years –

(400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o)

Give me patience (wo-o-o-o) – same philosophy.


It’s been 400 years, (400 years, 400 years)

Wait so long! Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o.

How long? 400 long, long years.