How to play “Redemption Song” Bob Marley – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Video Lesson

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Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords   Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords-Em   Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords - C  Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords-G/B  Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords- Am       Redemption song- Bob Marley Chords

Guitar Techniques

To get that warm, organic acoustic guitar tone I am using my thumb to pick out the intro riff and strum the chords. I’m also picking closer to the bridge of the guitar for the strumming. These are the guitar technique’s Bob Marley used, as you can see in the video clip below.

I also am keeping my right hand in constant motion to keep the rhythm flowing. This is important to feel the pulse of the music and so your playing doesn’t sound stiff.

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  1. I woke up thinking about Bob Marley this morning.. and Redemption Song..
    I wish I had learned earlier to play the guitar.

    Moses Foster

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